LTFRBGPS accredited introduces its new innovation in the tracking world – “Pegasus Atlas” an IOS and android based vehicle tracking application. Pegasus Atlas is a revolutionary way for tracking your vehicles or fleet. It can efficiently track and manage your vehicles or fleet. Increase efficiency, reduce paperwork processing time, know where your vehicles are and make smart decisions. Track your Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats or Heavy Construction Vehicles – fits for any type and size of fleet.

LTFRBGPS developed state-of-the-art applications combining GIS, Web Application, Client-Server and DBMS technologies to offer exciting features such as real-time tracking on digital map, fleet management, cargo dispatching, route management, maintenance scheduling, and many more. Introducing “Pegasus Atlas” – a web based tracking system, developed on the latest technology platform Silverlight.

Pegasus Atlas application has evolved and was designed with the experience of the people involved in vehicle tracking & fleet management business, one reason why we have hands-on experience and knowledge to meet each of the company’s individual requirements. The application is simple to navigate for web-based user interface and has a convenient approach to monitor vehicle/ fleets location, speed, stop times and activities – in real time.

Pegasus Atlas also offers a comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly reporting and dispatching functions to increase efficiency and reduce costs of fuel consumption and maintenance expenses. The platform supports most of the well known tracking devices, making it easy for you to add new customers and help customers to migrate from other systems. Pegasus Atlas also supports multiple maps, giving you the option to select the best map suited for your customer’s needs.

software application for Pegasus atlas

View Assets Real-Time

Display your assets on the map in real-time. Relieves and shows notifications received from assets.


User can enable/disable alerts and notifications from assets.

Add Point of Interest

Users can view and add Points of Interest(Landmarks).

software application for Pegasus Ride

View Nearby bus

This app shows the nearby buses to the user.

software application for Pegasus Buddy

Your Companion App

Companion app for Pegasus Workforce Tracking and Optimisation platform.

Easy to install

User installs application and then provides the ID number (usually IMEI number) to link device to Pegasus Platform.

Locate Real-time

Then user’s location will then be reported to server for the assigned (displayed) time of the day and days of the week. User can stop the tracking at any time by closing the app.

software application for BUSLOGICPH

Pegasus Atlas Mobile User Guide

Most advanced software features


Pegasus provides complete Administration of accounts held under a Master account and follows strict rules to insure system security. Different roles can be created/ assigned to the different users of the Pegasus system as per the user level.

Sim Management

Pegasus provides complete SIM management. SIM Manager can add SIM that will be further assigned in device form. SIM, Operator, IMEI, Device ID are all inter-connected and searchable through database.

Vehicle Management

Pegasus provides complete vehicle management. A user can add vehicles to the Pegasus to which devices would be assigned. Complete maintenance history could be maintained and searchable through database.

Brand Strategy

Pegasus also offers a separate module based on communication between the device, customer and Pegasus server. Communication log provides all type of to & for communication between the device and the Pegasus server.

Route Defination

Route definition is the most complex & advance feature in market, only available in expensive solutions. You may get route from history location, also can define point and draw route for Fleet. Apply the Route Zone and set the maximum route deviation in meters for the device. An alert will be generated if the vehicle deviates from the route beyond the limit defined.

Communication with Device

Pegasus provides separate and completely different module to communicate with the devices. These are different types of commands grouped under separate tabs according to their working/ output.